Four Options to Repair Leaky Asbestos Roof

Repairing a leaky asbestos roof can be tricky. You want to leave this work to the pro to ensure it the result doesn’t do more harm than good. Asbestos exposure is harmful to health so you want to take care of an asbestos leak right away. If your washers and bolts are deteriorating, here are some options to seal asbestos sheets and leak roof cracks:

Washer and Bolt Replacement

Over time, the bolt holes in the roof and washer will experience enlargement and corrosion respectively because of UV exposure.  When this happens, the roofing will be less effective. Replacing the washer and bolt can be an option to fix the problem. But, you can also use a coating or flexible tape to seal the damaged area, especially if bolt and washer replacement is not an option.

Crack Repair Tape

This kind of tape can be used for stopping leaks in asbestos cement roofing. But, keep in mind that this crack repair tape is not made equal. You want to avoid the bitumen-based tape as they can crack easily during cold weather or is affected by the ultraviolet light. The best option is usually a rubber-based tape that maintains its flexibility in all conditions. This is a great choice for cracks that require repair materials with the same high degree of movement.


Asbestos sheets are expected to deteriorate over time, causing leaks and water damage. You don’t want to see your building being cursed during every rainfall. A lot of sealants may not be durable enough to prevent frequent roofing repairs. That’s why it makes sense to use UV stable and durable repair sealants which can stand the test of time. A corrugated asbestos roof sealer stops your leak and seals your roof to protect it against the worst of rain.

Single Sheet Replacement

Traditionally, old sheets are removed and replaced with new ones. Also, a glass-reinforced plastic GRP Oversheet can be applied externally. The application guarantees a replacement that could last up to 50 years without deteriorating. GRP is also waterproof which means you don’t have to deal with the ongoing expense of treating the sheet.

Refurbishment Specialist coatings can be used to effective water-proof your roof. It involves encapsulating loose asbestos fibres and lichen and bounding them with a primer. A waterproof as well as dirt- and UV-resistant topcoat guarantees a lasting protection. The encapsulation of asbestos fibres reduces the risk of their release.