Five benefits of rainscreen cladding

When you need to defend your residential or commercial property against the problems posed by the elements, rainscreen cladding is a vital investment.

By keeping the outside walls of your building covered, rainscreen cladding can improve airflow, get rid of moisture and cut down on the risk that your building will experience significant damage.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five major benefits rainscreen cladding can bring.

Defence against moisture

The main benefit that rainscreen cladding can bring is defence against the elements.

Once installed, the extra space in between the exterior of your home or office and the cladding panels make it much easier for air to move around and reduce the amount of damp moisture which has come in.

Not only does this cut down on the amount of heat which seeps out through your walls, it also reduces the chance that the masonry, brickwork and overall structure of your building will get damaged.

Temperature control

Rainscreen cladding is one of the most cost-effective ways in which to cut down on heat loss in any building.

Whether it’s a home or an office you’re planning to clad, these boards will provide a level of insulation that can really rival internal heating systems. Rainscreen cladding can cover up the blind spots in your existing insulation system, known as “cold bridges“, and improve the building’s ability to retain heat.

All this, of course, not only keeps you warm. It means you cut down on the amount you spend on energy to heat your building, so over time, your investment in rainscreen cladding is likely to pay for itself.

Aesthetic appeal

Rainscreen cladding can do much more than simply defend your property against moisture or provide it with a more temperate environment.

Many people also opt for this type of cladding in order to give their buildings a different appearance. Some types of rainscreen cladding, for example, give the buildings they protect a chic modern look suitable for office parks and industrial centres.

For those designers and builders who want to ensure that any works they do either preserve or enhance a building’s architectural suitability for its surroundings, rainscreen cladding can be a godsend.

What’s more, the improved visual image rainscreen cladding provides can be an instant indicator to potential buyers that the property has a high value. Although rainscreen cladding can boost the value of a property in many different ways, the improved aesthetic will signal right away that your property is worth investing in.

Stay indoors during installation

Unlike the installation of central heating systems or large-scale structural repairs which require you to move out, the affixing of exterior rainscreen cladding is unlikely to cause you much trouble. Because the teams working on the installation will be based entirely outside, the interior of your building will be largely unaffected by the works.

For many commercial clients who need to ensure business continuity and prevent financial loss during any period of building works, this can be a big factor in favour of choosing rainscreen cladding.

Preserve your building

Rainscreen cladding is durable and sturdy, which means it not only defends the building against rainwater but also against other adverse environmental conditions.

Wind, for example, can damage buildings in all sorts of ways ranging from loose debris to structural damage. This can, in turn, hasten the decline of a building and raise the risk that you’ll need to pay out to repair it.

Rainscreen cladding, however, acts as a defence against these problems, and once again proves that it is a worthwhile investment for protecting your building in the long run.